With the Right Legal Counsel, Municipal Courts Treat You Right

Michael J. McKenna has served as both a prosecuter and a Defense lawyer in municipalities throughout New Jersey for over twenty-seven years.

Municipal Courts in New Jersey are the local courts controlled by towns, cities, and municipalities throughout the state. Presiding over each court is a Municipal Court Judge, and the Municipal Prosecutor is present to represent the State of New Jersey. These courts mainly concern themselves with cases involving offenses with motor vehicles and certain criminal offenses delegated to the community. To have a case come before the Municipal Court, a Complaint is signed. When the Complainant (either a police officer or a private citizen as well) signs the Complaint accusing another individual (known as the Defendant) of a violation of a Motor Vehicle Offense or certain Criminal Offense, they are sent to a Municipal Court.

Motor Vehicle Violations

For most motor vehicle infractions, paying a traffic ticket does not simply end the matter since the DMV will attach what are called "points" onto the defendant’s driving record. A few violations onto a person’s driving record can total up enough points to result in the loss of their driving privileges. Even if it is your first violation, it is important to defend yourself against a traffic summons, ensuring a fair and understandable outcome.

It may seem easier to pay off a ticket and just move on, but through the legal advice and protection provided by an experienced municipal court attorney, you can make sure your side of the story is articulated.