Recent Results

Valleybrook v. Gloucester Township, 2009 Client Township prevails after full trial where developer Ron Jaworski sought to construct homes contrary to deed restriction. The clients also prevailed on appeal through the Appellate divison and Superior Court.

Hooper v. Gloucester Township, 2009 client Planning Board denial for subdivision upheld even though applicant claimed entitlement to approval “by right”.

Woodland Civic Association v. Cherry Hill, 2009 Objector client prevailed in overturning non-conforming use status and site plan approvals.

Yelland & Delran v. Berk A Developer client prevailed at trial and on appeal in attacks from objectors and others regarding use variance pending 72 additional apartment and an existing complex of over 100 units

Berk v. Yelland & Delran, 2010 Objector client succeeded in invalidation of approvals for auto sales by up to 81 independent dealers.

Personal Injury
Ness v. NJM Jury verdict of $737,500.00 in wrongful death claim for UM benefits based on a phantom vehicle. Although policy limits were $300,000, use of Offer of Judgment results in $102,756.96 recovery over policy.

Two cases in excess of 1 million settled subject to non-disclosure agreements settled in 2009 and 2010.